Maintenance & Housekeeping Jobs

Do you pride yourself on your ability to fix anything, be organized, or simply make things look nice? Do you enjoy using your hands-on skills and eye for detail to make others feel comforted and at ease? Then a Chartwell residence would be the perfect place to apply your unique talents for the happiness of seniors!

  • Three coloured duster on a white background / Plumeau à trois couleurs sur fond blanc

The Benefits

    • Building relationships with residents.
    • Employee appreciation events, special resident events, and daily contact with seniors.
    • Excellent leadership and growth opportunities at the residence and corporate level.
    • Getting to work in a place that feels like home and that you can take pride in helping to maintain.
  • Pursue your career path by applying for the following Maintenance & Housekeeping roles: Maintenance Managers, Housekeepers, Laundry Aides, Maintenance Aides

  • Various cleaning products and tools / Divers produits et outils de nettoyage
  • Maintenance is changing a lightbulb at residence 's living room at Chartwell / L'équipe d'entretien change une ampoule dans le salon d'une résidence de Chartwell
  • Housekeeper is having a light conversation with a residence at Chartwell residence's hallway / 
La gouvernante a une légère conversation avec une résidence dans le couloir de la résidence Chartwell
  • cite-jardin-housekeeper-doing-bed
  • Housekeeper at a Chartwell residence is cleaning a mirror / La femme de ménage d’une résidence Chartwell nettoie un miroir
  • Housekeeper is sorting out the cleaning supplies on her cart at Chartwell residence's hallway / Une femme de ménage range les produits de nettoyage sur son chariot dans le couloir de la résidence Chartwell