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Employee Testimonials

It is heartwarming to see the incredible support Chartwell employees have for each other and for our residents. Here is what they have to say:

I absolutely love working at Chartwell Wescott! Our team is so amazing and supportive, words can’t express how much it means to me and how proud I am to be a part of it! We have been given all of the training and tools needed to cope with COVID and keeping our residents safe!

Employee, Chartwell Wescott Retirement Residence, Alberta

The Birchwood Chartwell team kept all the staff and residents safe. We were well informed about what was happening and why we were doing the things we had to do.

Employee, Chartwell Birchwood Retirement Residence, British Columbia

The morale of Chartwell really helped me personally going through this pandemic. A good team and attitude at work from everyone goes a long way.

Employee, Chartwell Lord Lansdowne Retirement Residence, Ontario

Thank you for doing so well during this pandemic. I feel safe and happy at work.

Employee, Chartwell Conservatory Pond Retirement Residence, Ontario

Crescent Gardens at the site level did an excellent job in my opinion to make me, as an employee, feel safe as well as keep our residents in LTC safe. I am very happy working at Crescent Gardens because of the leadership team.

Employee, Chartwell Crescent Gardens Long Term Care Residence, British Columbia