Discover the Benefits of #WorkingAtChartwell

Think you know what it’s like to work in senior living? At Chartwell, we’re redefining the experience of working in retirement homes by offering a dynamic and rewarding environment where every day brings new opportunities to make a meaningful difference in the lives of residents. You’d be surprised to hear what our employees were saying before they discovered the numerous benefits of working at Chartwell.

Watch our video series to explore the benefits of working in senior living at Chartwell.

Only a Restaurant Could Offer the Job I Want!

Discover the perfect blend of work-life balance and professional growth as a chef in senior living at Chartwell. With flexible schedules and supportive environments, Chartwell empowers roles in Food & Beverage to flourish both personally and professionally.

That Sounds Boring!

From fostering meaningful connections with residents to engaging in dynamic programs and activities, working at Chartwell is anything but dull. Experience the satisfaction of positively impacting seniors’ lives while enjoying a truly exceptional career.

Why Would I Choose That Over a Hospital?

While hospitals focus primarily on acute care, Chartwell provides an opportunity to build meaningful relationships with residents over time, fostering a deeper connection and a sense of purpose in your work. Additionally, working in senior living allows for a more relaxed and homelike environment, promoting a better work-life balance.

There’s Much More Exciting Places to Work!

At Chartwell, every day is an exciting journey. From curating engaging activities to delivering personalized care, our dedicated team members are the heartbeat of our vibrant community, ensuring each moment is filled with purpose and joy.

Ready to make a meaningful difference in the lives of seniors?